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Lighting Services

An electrical contractor specializing in lighting, NCA Lighting Solutions provides the quality and expertise you need to effectively maintain your lighting systems—and help prevent mishaps. Your single point of contact will be there for you to make sure your maintenance needs are met. Plus, we track our work, so you know the history of all your equipment, easing warranty claims and lifecycle decisions.

Retrofits and Relamps

New governmental regulations, higher energy costs, or aging facilities may be driving you to look to a lighting retrofit. Our team of lighting service specialists works with you to deliver valuable expertise in every phase of your retrofit or relamp project:


  • Comprehensive project site audits

  • Design/specification services

  • Photometric layouts—existing and proposed specification (Click for a photometric study example)

  • Complete access to distributors; no limitations on products or manufacturers

  • Project planning and management

  • Self-performing field teams with licensed electricians

  • Interior and exterior project experience

Lighting Maintenance

At the core of our lighting service offering is our Commercial Lighting Maintenance Program (CLMP), which is designed to save you money and improve your site’s lighting performance. Based on a fixed-pricing structure that includes labor, materials, travel time and equipment, CLMP will simplify your lighting maintenance because you only pay for units repaired, at a predetermined price. With CLMP, you receive:

  • Reduced lighting maintenance costs

  • Routine lamp and ballast replacement

  • Fixed-unit pricing

  • On-call service

  • Pylon sign maintenance

  • Recycling and disposal

  • Automatic lamp and ballast warranties on pole repairs

  • Single point of contact

  • Electronic reporting

  • Simple approvals and repair requests

  • Emergency response Online Records

  • Secure, easy-to-use web access and database, FlexeLight

  • Online access to site plans and historical repair records

  • Seamless access to controls systems via FlexeLight

Electrical Repairs

NCA Lighting Solutions’ team of licensed electricians and experienced technicians is trained and equipped to handle your electrical repair projects, as well as respond to routine lighting and electrical service calls and emergency service requests. ​​

Underground Locating & Troubleshooting

Pole Installation

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