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Property Solutions

NCA Lighting Solutions puts the focus on analysis, preventative maintenance, and operating efficiency as we study and solve your toughest lighting challenges. Looking for a more secure site? Our solutions can help provide you with safety and security options for routine site lighting inspections and foot-candle readings.


In addition, our energy audits and surveys provide the data that will help you make clear decisions— and detail your savings—all presented in a convenient digitized package. Find out how much you can save with our savings calculator.


Site Audits and Mapping

Our team of site auditors, field technicians and graphics specialists works together to collect your property data and produce the deliverables that best meet your needs:

  • Digital site map production (Digital Site Map)

  • Lighting circuit ID and mapping (Lighting Circuit Map)

  • Foot candle readings and mapping (Foot Candle Map)

  • Detailed photometric layouts (Photometric Study)

  • Complete light fixture inventory

  • Lighting retrofit recommendations

  • Lighting controls recommendations

  • Local utility incentive/rebate assessment

  • ROI analysis of energy savings proposals

Photometric Studies

Our in-house graphics team employs AGi32 software to create property photometric studies— numerical point-by-point calculations of direct foot candles (incident of light) on any real surface or imaginary plane. Photometric studies are particularly useful for:

  • Graphically displaying and analyzing calculated light levels produced by your existing fixtures

  • Analyzing the light level impact of various fixture types being considered for your lighting upgrade/retrofit

  • Establishing a light level baseline average that should be maintained

Sign and Light Inspections

Pylon and tenant signs create an important first impression for potential shoppers. Our sign inspection service is designed to ensure that your customers’ first impression is a positive one. This service includes a nighttime visual inspection with a digital photograph of every pylon and tenant sign on the property. The digital photos are inserted into an organized report that can be submitted to you or posted online.

Ultrasonic Pole Testing

Ultrasonic pole testing helps reduce the unknown by providing a glimpse (in the form of measurements) of the amount of rust and corrosion manifesting on the inside of a steel light pole. NCA Lighting Solutions technicians perform an ultrasonic thickness gauging test on each light standard and then provide you with a comprehensive written report of recommendations. As part of this service, NCA Lighting Solutions will:

  • Prepare a detailed site map with locations of all light standards throughout the property, numbering and identifying each light standard on the map

  • Perform an ultrasonic thickness gauging test at a minimum of 12 points on each light standard, using a Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Testing Machine

  • Perform a visual inspection of mounting hardware and concrete bases to note any improper or unsafe conditions

  • Replace missing or damaged hardware components at each location

  • Wire brush, clean and apply rust inhibitor to the anchor bolts and base plate on each light standard to protect against corrosion

  • Photograph all poles that are rated “Below Acceptable Standards” and include a digital picture with the report

  • Prepare a summarized written report detailing the condition of each light standard and general recommendation

Lighting Specifications


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