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NCA Lighting Solutions, Inc

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NCA Lighting Solutions designs and implements energy management programs for your interior and exterior lighting while also providing preventative maintenance for your lighting and electrical systems. Our relationships can span your systems’ lifecycle—and we can plan and implement your next system, too. Alone or in combination, we offer:

  • Maintenance and Services—As an electrical contractor, we employ well-qualified electricians who can effectively maintain your lighting systems—and help prevent mishaps. Plus, we track our work, so you know the history of all your equipment, easing warranty claims and lifecycle decisions while giving you greater insight into your lighting and electrical costs when submitting annual budgets.

  • Property Solutions and Audits —Not quite sure what your needs are? Our solutions can help provide you with safety and security options for routine site lighting inspections and foot-candle readings. Plus, our energy audits and surveys provide the data that will help you make clear decisions—and detail your savings—all presented in a convenient digitized package.

  • Controls and Retrofits—With our turnkey approach, we provide both the design and labor for the system upgrade or retrofit that meets your needs. Our relationship with a variety of distributors means we can find just the right technology for you.  

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Authorized reseller of the Turntide® Smart Motor System 

Advance your sustainability goals, save money and minimize your maintenance calls with the Turntide Motor System, available now through NCA Lighting Solutions. Unlike most clean tech products, this reliable, efficient and intelligent motor system is less expensive to own and operate than its conventional alternative.  Combine this revolutionary motor with IoT building automation technology for optimal efficiency. 

In the News

Neal Starling, with NCA Lighting Solutions, discusses energy-saving technology during a US Department of Defense briefing  at the Pentagon.

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